State of the Turkmenistan Quiz

Choose the correct answer.

1.Unemployment ratio is ______ % .

a) 10%

b) 20%

c) 30%

2.Average temperature of summer is ______ .

a) 0-10

b) 25-35

c) 40-50

3.Average temperature of winter is ______ .

a) 40

b) 30

c) 0

4.____ is free of charge.

a) Seeing movies

b) School expenses for university

c) A cellphone

5.____ is free of charge .

a) A car for one person

b) Two motorcycles for one person

c) 120L of gasoline/month

6.____ is free of charge.

a) Gas fees

b) Water fees

c) Electricity charge

7.____ is free of charge.

a) Medical expenses

b) An expressway toll

c) A 100-watt bulb

8.The percentage of Islamic people is _____ .

a) 20

b) 50

c) 80

9.Economic growth rate is ____ % .

a) 11.6

b) -10.4

c) 0

10._____ is Trukmenistan`s national poet .

a) Robert Burns

b) Taras Schevchenko

c) Magtymguly

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