UK Trivia

Choose the correct answer.

1.The population of The United Kingdom is about __________________ .(Half of that in Japan.)

a) 49,500,000

b) 39,500,000

c) 59,500,000

2. The area of The United Kingdom is about __________________ . (That is a little smaller than that of Japan.)

a) 340,000 ku

b) 440,000 ku

c) 240,000 ku

3.The United Kingdom composes of England , Wales , North Ireland and ________________ .

a) Scotland

b) Washington

c) New York

4.In the latter half of the 18th century , ________________ revolution first happened in the world.

a) Puritanical

b) Cultural

c) Industrial

5.The United Kingdom is the place of ________________ nativity.

a) basketball's

b) baseball's

c) soccer's

6.The famous British movie is ?g__________________?h .

a) Roman holiday

b) Jurassic Park

c) Harry Potter

7.The famous remains of The United Kingdom is _______________ .

a) Pyramid

b) The Great Wall

c) Stone henge

8.The men's expectation of life in The United Kingdom is ____________ years , the woman's is _____________ years.

a) 90/70

b) 75/50

c) 75/80

9.The proportion of farmland in The United Kingdom is _______________ % (Japan is 13%) .

a) 50

b) 30

c) 75

10.The United Kingdom's King/Queen is _______________ .

a) King William

b) King Louis

c) Queen Elizabeth



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Created by Yuka Muramatsu, Aoyama Gakuin College of Economics

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