The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland trivia quiz

(In following quiz, "The UK" stands for United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.) Choose the correct answer.

1. If it is 6:00AM on October 02 2003 in London, it is _______ in Tokyo.

a) 2:00PM on October 02 2003

b) 11:00AM on October 02 2003

c) 11:00AM on October 02 2003

2. If it is 10:00AM on January 02 2003 in London, It is _______ in Tokyo.

a) 6:00PM on January 02 2003

b) 1:00AM on January 02 2003

c) 7:00PM on January 02 2003

3. The UK comprises England, Scotland, _____ and Northern Ireland.

a) Cambria

b) Iceland

c) Wales

4. The area of the UK is as large as that of ________ of Japan.

a) the mainland

b) Kyushu-Island

c) Hokkaido-Island

5. The capital of the UK is _______.

a) Edinburgh

b) London

c) Cardiff

6. Stratford-on-Avon, in England, is known as the birthplace of _____________.

a) Shakespeare

b) Dostoevsky

c) Hemingway

7. The inconspicuous __________, in London, was made world famous by The Beatles.

a) Hyde Park

b) Abby Road

c) Big Ben

8. The currency of the UK is _______.

a) doller

b) franc

c) pound

9. All over Britain ?Q?Q?Q?Q and fish&chips are recognized as traditional dishes.

a) Roast Beef

b) Kebab

c) Pizza

10. The national flag of the UK is called the _________.

a) Stars and Stripes

b) Union Jack

c) Sun flag



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Created by Risa Miyahara, Aoyamagakuin College of Economics

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