Uruguay Quiz

Choose the correct answer.

1. The official name is ___________.

a) Republic of Uruguay

b) Federation Republic of Uruguay

c) East Republic of Uruguay

2. Uruguay is the ____________ in the south American continent.

a) smallest

b) Qnd smallest

c) largest

3. The national high quality goods of Uruguay is ____________.

a) fur

b) coffee beans

c) rice

4. Uruguay is famous for a musician ____________.

a) Alfred sitrossa

b) Aressanndoro Recoba

c) Freo Marine Sanginety

5. QQQQQ is the dominant language in Uruguay.

a) Portuguese

b) Spanish

c) English

6. Where is the capital of Uruguay?

a) Monterio

b) Montevideo

c) Monteruro

7. Uruguayfs population is about________________as of 2008.

a) 3 millions

b) 2 millions

c) 5millions

8. The gross domestic product of Uruguay is about________dollars as of 2008.

a) 4 million

b) 3million

c) 2million

9. In Uruguay ,barbed wire was spread in the latter half of 19th century,and ____________ developed.

a) the stock raising-industry

b) the steel industry

c) building trades

10. There are three big rivers in Uruguay ; the Uruguay river ,the Negro river and the________.

a) Cacio river

b) LaEPlata river

c) Monterio river


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