Hawaii Trivia

Choose the correct answer.

1. Hawaii is a fantastic place to enjoy QQQQQ and recreational activities.

a) watersports

b) baseball

c) football

2.Maui has become a QQQQQ mecca.

a) windsurfing

b) nursery

c) beach ball

3.QQQQQ is the dominant language in Hawaii.

a) French

b) English

c) Swahili

4. In the mid-QQQQQs, descendants of the missionaries established Hawaii's sugar industry.

a) 1600

b) 1700

c) 1800

5. On August 21, QQQQQ, Hawaii became the 50th state of the USA.

a) 1949

b) 1959

c) 1969

6As Hawaii's QQQQQ industry grew, the USA became more integral in the affairs of the Hawaiian islands.

a) pepper

b) sugar

c) salt

7. QQQQQ is readily available throughout the islands as well as an abundance of fruit including avocado, coconut, guava, mango and papaya.

a) Corn

b) Rice

c) Fresh fish

8. The Big Island, Hawaii's QQQQQ, is still in the birthing process.

a) southernmost

b) northernmost

c) westernmost

9: QQQQQ , the rainiest city in the USA, is on the windward side of the Big Island.

a) Kona

b) Hilo

c) Kauai fourthe

10.Hawaii relies on QQQQQ. Most people try hard to show the "aloha spirit " to the visitors of the island.

a) tourism

b) farming

c) industry



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