Uzubekistan Quiz

Choose the correct answer.

1. The capital of Uzbekistan is ______________.

a) Samarkand

b) Bhara

c) Tashkent

2. The main religion of Uzbekistan is __________

a) Buddhism

b) Christianity

c) Islam

3.The country which is not next to Uzbekistan in Iran and Turkmenistan and Afghan is __________.

a) Iran

b) Afghan

c) Turkmenistan

4, The currency of Uzbekistan is a __________



c) sum

5. The literacy rate of Uzbekistan is __________

a) 39%

b) 76%

c) 99%

6. There are an Uzbek and a Russian and a Tajik in Uzbekistan. There are the most __________ in that.

a) Uzbek

b) Russian

c) Tajik

7, The average life span of Uzbekistan is ______________.

a) 40

b) 60

c) 50

8, The main farm products of Uzbekistan are ____________

a) Peanut

b) Sweet potato

c) raw cotton

9, A world heritage of Uzbekistan is __________.

a) Samarkand

b) Goah

c) Angkor Vat

10.Ichen Cala of the world heritage of Uzbekistan was built in the ____________.

a) 17th century

b) 19th century

c) 18th century


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