State of the Vatican City Quiz

Choose the correct answer.

1. The official language of Vatican is ________.

a) Latin

b) French

c) Italian

2. The area of Vatican is 0.44 sq km, which is the same as ________.

a) Tokyo Dome

b) Tokyo Imperial Palace

c) Tokyo Disneyland

3. As of July, 2007, the population of Vatican is about ________, which is the smallest in the world.

a) 820

b) 3,280

c) 16,400

4. The currency of Vatican is ________ now.

a) Euro

b) Dollar

c) Lira

5. On February 11, 1929, ________was concluded, and Vatican became independent from Italy.

a) Treaty of Lausanne

b) Lateran Treaty

c) Treaty of Sevres

6. Because Vatican does not maintain the military strength, the ________ sentry is stationed.

a) Swiss

b) Germany

c) Italy

7. The ________, a masterpiece of Michelangelo is in St. Peter's Basilica.

a) Venus of Milo

b) David

c) Pieta

8. Saint Peter's Square was designed by ________, an Italian architect.

a) Walter Gropius

b) Gian Lorenzo Bernini

c) Antoni Gaudi

9. ________ is known by having drawn Genesis and The Last Judgment of the Sistine Chapel.

a) Raphael Sanzio

b) Leonardo da Vinci

c) Michelangelo Buonarroti

10. Vatican is the only European country which has the official diplomatic relations with ________.

a) Republic of China

b) Republic of Palau

c) Republic of Nauru

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