Vnezuela Quiz

Choose the correct answer.

1.What is the capital of Venezuela?

a) Aceved.

b) Cracas.

c) Zamora.

2.What is the national dish of Venezuela?

a) Hervido.

b) Arepa.

c) Cachapas.

3.What is the official language of Venezuela?

a) Aymara.

b) Spanish.

c) Italiano.

4.What do the colors on Venezuelan flag represent?

a) FranciscoDemiranda.

b) Peace.

c) People.

5.What is the name of the largest river in Venezuela?

a) essequibo.

b) Orinoco.

c) Rio Grande.

6.What is the currency of Venezuela?

a) France.

b) Boliviar.

c) Krone.

7.What are the major exports of Venezuela?

a) Crude oil.

b) Computer.

c) Crude rubber.

8.Which is the white desert in Venezuela?

a) Lencois.

b) Syrian

c) Thar

9.What is major tourist attraction in Venezuela?

a) Thingvellir NationalPark

b) City of Valetta

c) Slto Angel

10.What is the Venezuelafs total population?

a) 26millions.

b) 9millions.

c) 47millions.


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