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Choose the correct answer.

1. ______________ has most annual revenue by the tax.

a) United States

b) France

c) Holy See (Vatican City)

2. ______________ has most external debt in the world ,this country has about 862 billion dollars in debt.

a) Germany

b) Italy

c) United States

3. Cinema attendance of ______________ is world`s NO.1(2.860.000.000). Cinema attendance of ______________ is twice as many as United States.

a) India

b) Japan

c) France

4. The country which consumes cigarette most in Asia is ______________.

a) South Korea

b) North Korea

c) Japan

5. ______________ is the 4th cigarette consuming country in the world.

a) North Korea

b) South Korea

c) Japan

6. Top three of GDP is United States, China and ______________ .

a) Japan

b) England

c) Russia

7. Top three of oil consuming country are United States, ______________ and China .

a) Russia

b) England

c) Japan

8. Oil consumption of United States is about 4 times of______________.

a) England

b) Russia

c) Japan

9. Total crime amount of ______________ is the worst1 in the world.

a) United States

b) Brazil

c) Columbia

10. Total crimes of ______________ is about 4 times of Germany(worst2).

a) Brazil

b) Columbia

c) United States


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Created by Akira Namioka , Aoyamagakuin College of Economics

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