World Ranking Quiz


Choose the correct answer.

1. The country with largest population is China and is about _________ times the population of Japan.

a) 8

b) 25

c) 10

2. The country where population will increase most in 2015 is _________.

a) Indonesia

b) United States

c) India

3. The country with most homicide is _________ and has happened to about 1000 persons at 0.65 persons' rate.

a) Colombia

b) South Africa

c) Jamaica

4. The country where area is the largest is Russia and is about _________ times the area of Japan.

a) 20

b) 45

c) 35

5. The country where school life is the longest is _________, and is educated for average about 16.9 years.

a) Norway

b) Finland

c) Australia

6. The country in which has the most military men in the world is _________, and is 8 times the number of Japanese military men.

a) Brazil

b) Taiwan

c) United States

7. The country where GDP is the highest is the United States, and _________ is a country where GDP is second highest in the world.

a) Japan

b) China

c) Germany

8. The country where the expenditures percent of the army of GDP are the highest is _________.

a) Angola

b) North Korea

c) Ethiopia

9. The country with largest population below a poverty line is _________ (86%).

a) Zambia

b) Liberia

c) Bolivia

10. The country where the Internet has spread most is _________.

a) Japan

b) United States

c) China


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Created by Masaru Sugiyama, Aoyamagakuin College of Economics

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