World Quiz 6

Choose the correct answer.

1. ______ is the largest country in the world.

a) China

b) United States

c) Russia

2. ______ total crime amounts are larger than Japan' total crime amounts.

a) United States'

b) Spain'

c) Italy'

3.The number of the medals Japan got in Sydney olympic 2000 is ______.

a) 36

b) 0

c) 7

4. The ______ country in the world is Zambia.

a) richest

b) poorest

c) smallest

5. ______ is the second largest populated country in the world.

a) India

b) Russia

c) China

6. The number of cinema theaters in Japan is about ______.

a) 220

b) 2,200

c) 22,000

7. The ______ amounts in Japan are about 64,000,000.

a) mobile cellular

b) personal computer

c) television

8. The internet users number in ______ is the largest in the world.

a) United States

b) China

c) Japan

9. United Kingdom's oil consumption is larger than ______.

a) Singapore

b) Indonesia

c) Japan

10. Japan is  smaller than ______.

a) Germany

b) United States

c) Norway


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Created by Taira Ikouga, Aoyamagakuin College of Economics

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