World Quiz

Choose the correct answer.

1. Japan is the QQQQQQ populated country in the world.

a) third

b) fifth

c) sixth

2. QQQQQQis the first in FIFA world ranking.

a) Argentina

b) Brazil

c) Italy

3.America has ever had about QQQQQQ medals in summer olympic.

a) 1,500

b) 2,100

c) 3,300

4.Japanese total adult smokers are QQQQQQ % of the population .

a) 13

b) 23

c) 33

5. QQQQQQ is a country with most homicide in the world .

a) America

b) Brazil

c) Colombia

6.QQQQQQ's total crime amount is the first in the world.

a) America

b) Brazil

c) Colombia

7.The largest populated country will be QQQQQQ in 2015.

a) Japan

b) India

c) China

8.The Japanese GDP is the QQQQQQ in the world now.

a) first

b) third

c) fifth

9.QQQQQQ has 980,000 army personnel.

a) China

b) India

c) USA

10. The number of Japanese internet users is QQQQQQ million.

a) 55

b) 66

c) 77


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Created by Yosuke Harada , Aoyamagakuin College of Economics

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