Zimbabwe Quiz

Choose the correct answer.

1. The official name is@QQQQQ.

a) Republic of Zimbabwe

b) A Zimbabwean country

c) The Zimbabwean United States

2. Zimbabwe is in QQQQQ.

a) America

b) Europe

c) Africa

3. Zimbabwean capital is QQQQQ.

a) Harare

b) Marare

c) Sarare

4. Zimbabwean area is about QQQQQ square kilometers.

a) 30000

b) 400000

c) 500000

5. Zimbabwean population is about QQQQQmillions.

a) 13

b) 14

c) 15

6. Zimbabwe became independent from the QQQQQin 1980.

a) America

b) Japan

c) U.K

7. A unit of a currency is QQQQQ.

a) Zimbabwe dollar

b) US dollar

c) Euro

8. The meaning of the name of the country 'Zimbabwe'is QQQQQ.

a) a building of the water

b) a building of the soil

c) a building of the stone

9. Zimbabwean average life span is QQQQQyears old.

a) 26

b) 36

c) 46

10. The great Zimbabwe remains were registered as a world heritage site in QQQQQ.

a) 1986

b) 1991

c) 1996


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