Bob Marley Grammar Quiz

Choose the correct answer.

1) You can't show aggression QQQQ. To make music is a life that I have to live. Sometimes you have to fight with music.

1. all while
2. all the while
3. after while
4. all the whole

2) So it's not just someone who studies and chats, it's a whole development. Right now is a more militant time QQQQ, because it's Jah Jah time.

1. on the earth
2. on earth
3. all over the world
4. all the world

3) For a man like Bob Marley, life and Jah QQQQ one and the same.

1. was
2. being
3. were
4. be

4) Marley saw Jah as being the gift of existence; that is, he believed that he, Bob Marley, was in some way eternal, and that he QQQQ never be duplicated.

1. would
2. may
3. might
4. had

5) Bob Marley promised the organizers of Reggae Sunsplash that he would headline the show QQQQ Montego Bay.

1. at
2. on
3. in
4. behind

6) Bob Marley and the Wailers' first performance in Zimbabwe was marred QQQQ tear gas and chaos.

1. by
2. with
3. for
4. between

7) Bob Marley performed QQQQ the world.

1. all
2. around of
3. the all
4. around

8) Bob Marley's music QQQQ(A) had a great influence on Jamaican reggae musicians QQQQ(B) on popular musicians around the world.

1. A not only, B but also
2. A but also, B not only
3. A but only, B not also
4. A not also, B but only

9) One of the QQQQ popular and unique styles of music today is reggae.

1. more
2. must
3. extreamely
4. most

10) Like most reggae singers, Marley QQQQ born into a poor black family in Jamaica.

1. at
2. were
3. is
4. was

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contributed by Yoshio Tanaka, Yuta Natori, Masahiro Nishimi, Chikamitsu Hatakeyama
Copyright 2005