Agatha Christie Quiz

Choose the correct answer.

1. Agatha Christie __________ in Devon, England in 1890, the youngest of three children in a conservative, well-to-do family.

a) was born

b) is born

c) born

2. Taught at home by a governess and tutors,_____ a child Agatha Christie never attended school.

a) as

b) and

c) so

3. She became adept at _________ games to keep herself occupied at a very young age.

a) creating

b) to create

c) created

4.She first turned to music ____________ expression and, later in life, to writing.

a) as a means of

b) by means of

c) in the means of

5. In 1914, ____________ 24, she married Archie Christie, a World War I fighter pilot.

a) at the age of

b) in

c) then

6. Although it ___________ in a year, it wasn't published until 1920, five years later.

a) was completed

b) completed

c) had completed in

7. 7) Christie ___________ more than 30 novels featuring Poirot. Among the most popular were " The Muder of Roger Ackroyd " (1926), "Muder on the Orient Express " (1934), and "Death on the Nile" (1937).

a) wrote

b) have written

c) writes

8.In 1926, Archie ____________ a divorce, having fallen in love with another woman. Agatha, already upset by the recent death of her mother, disappeared. All of England became wrapped up in the case of the now famous missing writer.

a) asked for

b) asked of

c) asked

9. She __________ three weeks later in a small hotel, explaining to police that she had lost her memory. Thereafter, it was never again mentioned or elaborated upon by Christie.

a) was found

b) find

c) found

10. 10) She later found happiness with her marriage in 1930 to Max Mallowan, a young archaeologist who she ___________ on a trip to Mesopotamia.

a) met

b) has met

c) had met

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