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Choose the correct answer.

PDThe@fate of Amelia Earhart is one of the enduring mysteries of the ______________ century.

a) 18th

b) 19th

c) 20th

2. She is remembered as a ______________ of aviation and a fighter for the liberation and equality of women.

a) producer

b) presenter

c) pioneer

3.Amelia Earhart rocketed to fame when she became the first woman to fly across the _____________.

a) Pacific

b) Atlantic Ocean

c) Indian Ocean


4.She successfully flew solo across the Atlantic Ocean in __________________.

a) 1932

b) 1942

c) 1952

5.Ameliafs courage and spirit fascinated people, and she became a national ______________.

a) creator

b) celebrity

c) captain

6,Amelia Earhart represented the __________ woman.

a) ancient

b) near future

c) modern

7.____________ licenses were given equally and she wanted equality in other fields as well.

a) Doctor

b) Pilot

c) Driving

8.Although Amelia had achieved fame and fortune, she wanted one last challenge, a final __________.

a) flight

b) voyage

c) delinquency

9.Amelia left on her final challenge from Miami, flying east, with her navigator, ____________.

a) Michael Jackson

b) Michael J Fox

c) Fred Noonan

10.They flew 22000 miles, stopping for repairs and fuel, to ____________.

a) New Zealand

b) New guinea

c) Hawaii

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