John Lennon Quiz

Choose the best word or words to finish the sentences.

1. Though his life ________ short, Lennon accomplished many things.

a) being

b) was

c) has been

2. ________ with Bob Dylan, Lennon became the musical voice and conscience of his generation.

a) Together

b) Accordingly

c) Excepting

3. Lennon was ________ by his aunt.

a) nurtured

b) brought up

c) tutored

4. Inspired ________ American rock and roll, Lennon started playing music.

a) with

b) from

c) by

5. McCartney and Lennon wrote some of the most popular songs ________.

a) in all times

b) of all time

c) in the time

6.________ Brian Epstein's management, the Beatles became the most popular group in Britain.

a) Under

b) Having

c) From

7.When they stopped touring, the Beatles ________ themselves to recording.

a) fixated

b) reduced

c) confined

8. The Beatles ________ to exist when McCartney left the group in 1970.

a) finished

b) stopped

c) ceased

9.After Sean was born, Lennon ________ a very private life for a while.

a) led

b) was

c) turned

10.Lennon _______ in 1980.

a) was murdered

b) was stricken

c) was gunned