John Lennon Quiz 1

Choose the correct answer.

1. In the course of his short life John Lennon rose from __________ beginnings in Liverpool, along with Bob Dylan, the musical voice and conscience of his generation.

a) hopeless

b) hopeful

c) unpromising

2. Raised by his ________ (his parents separated when he was four), john never displayed much interest in his school work.

a) uncle

b) niece

c) aunt

3. After his mother taught him some chords on the _______ he got his first guitar.

a) banjo

b) piano

c) darum

4. Soon he had his own group, the Quarry Men, who were later joined by ______.

a) Ringo Starr

b) Paul McCartney

c) George Harrison

5. Later to join the group was ______ friend, George Harrison.

a) Elvis Aaron Presley

b) Ringo Starr

c) Paul McCartney

6. With Ringo Starr aboard they recorded their first chart song, g _____.h

a) Milk and Honey

b) Love Me Do

c) Imagines

7. John Lennonfs songwriting, _______in part by Bob Dylan, began taking on more serious and personal themes.

a) was inspired

b) inspired

c) inspiring

8. Lennonfs personal life took a dramatic turn when he divorced his first wife Cynthia to marry the Japanese _____Yoko Ono.

a) actress

b) artist

c) dancer

9. The couple moved to New York City and in 1975 Yoko gave birth son, _____.

a) Bob

b) Sean

c) Seen

10. Shortly after finishing one last album, Double Fantasy, Lennon was killed outside ______. and the world lost one of its greatest songwriters.

a) a department store

b) his apartment

c) a concert hall


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