John Lennon Quiz

Choose the best word or words to finish the sentences.

1. John Lennon ______________ on October 9, 1940 in Liverpool, England.

a) was born

b) born

c) bone

2. ______________ a child, John was a prankster and he enjoyed getting in trouble.

a) In

b) Which

c) As

3. John came up with the name ______________ for the group.

a) Exile

b) Beatles

c) Beetles

4. The Beatles released their first single "______________", with George Martin as their producer.

a) Imagine

b) Love me Do

c) Let it be

5. John Lennon divorced Cynthia and ______________ with Yoko Ono who he met at the Indica Gallery in November 1966.

a) re-married

b) was re-married

c) have re-married

6.He realizes that he ______________ loves her and that he could not live without her.

a) only only

b) beter beter

c) really really

7.Imagine was the most commercially ______________ and critically acclaimed of all John Lennon's post-Beatles efforts.

a) successful

b) successfully

c) succeed

8. In 1972 John Lennon ______________ a charity concert in Madison Square Garden.

a) gave

b) give

c) given

9.______________ October 9, 1975, Yoko gave birth to John's other son Sean.

a) In

b) To

c) On

10. "The Double Fantasy" album is a great album, ______________ contains one ironic title songs "Just like starting over" now after John's death.

a) which

b) that

c) what

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