Audrey Hepburn Quiz

Choose the best word or words to finish the sentences.

1. ________ when "sex goddesses" ruled the movie world, Audrey Hepburn was someone very different.

a) At a time

b) On the time

c) In time

2. Hepburn's screen image ________ sophistication with innocence.

a) handled

b) mingled

c) had

3. Born to a banker father and a Baroness mother, she ________ her childhood in London.

a) lived

b) had

c) did

4. During the war Hepburn survived for a time ________ eating tulips.

a) with

b) by

c) in

5. After the war she returned to London and ________ modeling work.

a) doing

b) did

c) had done

6.Hepburn's performance in Roman Holiday ________ her into an international movie star.

a) turned

b) became

c) started

7. Her short, boyish haircut in Roman Holiday ________ a new fashion trend.

a) started

b) become

c) excluded

8. In1954 she ________ to Mel Ferrer.

a) was marry

b) got married

c) weddinged

9.In her first musical, Funny Face, she ________ the part of a bookstore clerk.

a) was

b) carried

c) played

10.Breakfast at Tiffany's, which ________ in 1961, was not a big commercial success.

a) set out

b) came out

c) showed out

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