Walt Disney Quiz

Choose the best word or words to finish the sentences.

1. 1 In the history of entertainment, perhaps no one ________ more successful than Walt Disney.

a) is being

b) has been

c) could been

2. 2 Disney started ________ art through a correspondence course.

a) and studied

b) the study

c) to study

3. ________ World War One Disney drove an ambulance.

a) on

b) while

c) during

4. The war ________ ended, Disney returned to Kansas City.

a) having

b) which had

c) had been

5. They began making advertisements ________ in local movie theaters.

a) for show

b) to be showing

c) to be shown

6.The Disney name became famous ________ the creation of Mickey Mouse.

a) because

b) through

c) along with

7. Other popular characters soon appeared, ________ Donald Duck, Goofy, and Pluto.

a) including

b) representing

c) according

8. ________ to the characters themselves, Disney began an enormously successful merchandising business.

a) Moreover

b) In addition

c) Furthermore

9.The merchandising side of the Disney business produced ________ dolls, books and toys.

a) several

b) considerable

c) innumerable

10.The Disney studio began branching out into movies __________ live action and animation.

a) combining

b) with combine

c) having combined

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