Suu Kyi Quiz

Choose the correct answer.

1. The Burmese people were curious ______________ Suu Kyi.

a) by

b) with

c) about

2. Suu Kyi was inspired ______________ her father

a) of

b) by

c) in

3. Suu KyiÕs mother was a strong, _____________ woman

a) independence

b) independent

c) independently

4. Suu Kyi joined ______________ students in Burma

a) to protest

b) protesting

c) protested

5. Because of Suu Kyi, the freedom ______________ in Burma became more popular.

a) movement

b) move

c) moving

6. The Burmese government was afraid______________ Suu KyiÕs popularity.

a) by

b) with

c) of

7. Suu Kyi was put ______________ arrest by the military government.

a) into

b) under

c) on

8. Suu KyiÕs husband ______________, but she is still fighting for freedom.

a) dead

b) died

c) was dying

9. While she was living abroad, Suu Kyi ______________ her Burmese ways.

a) has kept

b) kept

c) keeps

10. Suu Kyi believes ______________ in human rights.

a) strengthen

b) strong

c) strongly

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