Aung San Suu Kyi Quiz

Choose the correct answer.

1. Suu Kyi was released from nearly six years on house _________, when she spoke to a global women's conference in Beijing.

a) jail

b) arrest

c) death

2. Suu Kyi didn't appear at the conference, but spoke to the international gathering by means of a __________ smuggled out of Burma.

a) video

b) TV

c) radio

3. Suu Kyi said, to the best of my knowledge, no war was ever started by __________.

a) woman

b) man

c) children

4. It was a __________ speech, subtly crafted for the targeted audience in her homeland.

a) encouraging

b) burning

c) powerful

5. In 1999, Suu Kyi's husband, was dying of prostate __________ in England, where he lived with their two sons.

a) cancer

b) leukemia

c) puberculosis

6. Suu Kyi's hasband had repeatedly __________ permission to visit his wife three last time before he died, but the SLORC authorities denied Suu Kyi's husband entry, arguing that there are no proper facilities in the country to tend to a dying man.

a) abondoned

b) wanted

c) requested

7. Suu Kyi refused, fearing if she ever left the __________ she would never be allowed to return.

a) family

b) husband

c) country

8. The day Suu Kyi'hasband died, on his 53rd birthday on March 27, 1999, Suu Kyi honoured the occasion at her home in Rangoon,.

a) credited

b) honoured

c) received

9. The monks recited prayers and chanted sutras. Instead of wearing her usual bright flowers and wreathes of jasmine, Suu Kyi chose instead a traditional __________ lungi with a white jacket.

a) red

b) black

c) blue

10. But they took the names and addresses of all those who attended at the service to honour the husband from whom she had been separated since she left __________ to tend to her dying mother.

a) France

b) Germany

c) England

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