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Atlanta Listening Reading Passage

Coca-Cola's Home Page - information on Coca-Cola and its many other drinks

The Atlanta's Chamber of Commerce's Guide to Living in Atlanta:Discover the city with information on cost of living, neighborhoods, recreation and the arts.

CNN News: Get the latest news from Atlanta's CNN News.



Travel information and maps.



TREE BOOK - Learning to Recognize Trees of British Columbia (government page)

Western Canada Wilderness Committee

Canada's largest membership-based citizen-funded wilderness preservation organization.

Old Growth TREES


Setsuko Watanabe's World Sketches

Welcome to Bergen

Grieg Museum

Lonely Planet - Destination Norway: Lonely Planet Press' guide to Norway, including pictures, maps, facts, when to go, events, and costs.


Setsuko Watanabe's World Sketches

Visual Tour of Hungary

Welcome to Budapest . The official Homepage of Hungary with many pictures and maps of Hungary



This site is called 'The Guide to Chester' and does just that. Just click on City Index and go from there.

Written in easy English with photos of the city.

As the name suggests this site is about Chester.

I recommend you have a look at tourism, heritage and general information


The Dominican Republic

Maps and tourist info. The most popular tourist-oriented web-site of the Dominican Republic.

Detailed facts about the government, people, economy, geographyof the Dominican Republic, including maps.

LINKS to info and statistics about Sammy Sosa.



Harlem landmarks, restaurants, history, neighborhoods, and culture with area maps.

History and pictures of the famed Apollo Theatre and the people who played there.


Inner Mongolia

Setsuko Watanabe's World Sketches

About Inner Mongolia

About Genghis Khan


Travel through Jerusalem at different periods in history, learn about the food and people and see the sites.

Cyclorama of Jerusalem-the world's largest panorama makes you feel you're in Jerusalem and relive the sights of the Crucifixion.

Roberts's famous painting of "The Destruction of Jerusalem" relives those horrifying events.

Key West

Key West Cooking: You will find some favorite island recipes here. So you can enjoy a Taste of Key West.

Florida Keys & Key West Official Web Site: This web site is your best travel guide to all of the Florida Keys: hotels, water sports, museums & tours, events and more.

Jimmy Buffetts Margaritaville - Key Wests best live music nightclub located on Duval street.

The Lake District

Click the moving rabbit and you enter The World of Beatrix Potter exhibitonwhich is in the Lake District. Really an advert for the exhibition which is in the lake District. Easy to read; especially if you click the 'Japanese Language' button!!

Similar to Peter Rabbit site but more serious and more detailed. Includes some scenes from the lake District as well as information about Wordsworth work, family and life. If you are interested their are 2 week summer courses about Wordsworth held at this centre in the Lake District.

Cumbria tourist board site. Lots of information about events and places to see in the Lakes. No photos, but site includes paintings of the area.

Long island

In-depth information on Long Island and its attractions with area maps.

A list of universities and colleges on L.I. for those who might want to study there.

Learn all about L.I., its history and diversity. Pictures of famous mansions.


Lonely Planet - Destination Norway: Lonely Planet Press' guide toNorway, including pictures, maps, facts, when to go, events, and costs.

About Norway: Almost all you need to know about Norway, including pictures and history (Viking explorers and mythology).

Planet Earth Home Page's Links to Norway: This useful page includes many good links to sites on Norway.

Orient express

This site includes the route, pictures from the route and of the train, plan of the train and dinner menus.

Also in case you want to go on it you can even make your reservations from here!

Rapa Nui (Easter Island)

The WILDS SCENE: Rapa Nui -- The Big Paddle: Nice pictures and descriptions of this mysterious island.

NOVA Online's guide to the secrets of Easter Island, including pictures and theories about the mysteries of the island.

Easter Island homepage

San Francisco North Beach

North Beach Magazine homepage (lots of information about restaurants,

history, etc.)

Vesuvio Cafe homepage (very popular and amusing saloon website)

City Lights Bookstore homepage (information about the store and the many

interesting books it publishes)


Uttar Pradesh ,India

Lonely Planet - Destination India: Lonely Planet Press' guide to India, including pictures, maps, facts, when to go, events, and costs.

India: How to travel in India: tips and a lot of information on possible problems traveling in this great country.



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