Japanese Page

Our hope is to present Japan as it appears in the eyes of young people living in Japan today. While there is a great deal of information available on Japan, not much of it reflects the thoughts and feelings of younger people. Through presenting such a perspective, we hope to show that Japanese culture is not necessarily old and crusty, but is, on the contrary, always new, young, and fresh. Even older aspects of the culture--the Living Traditions--can still be viewed afresh. Tokyo, as one of the most active centers of modern-day Japan, will be the focus of attention in Young Tokyo. There will also be Survival Information for those in need of it. We hope that you will contribute by submitting your own thoughts and opinions to Comments and Opinions, making the page truly interactive.
@@The information gathered here has been prepared by students at Kanda University of International Studies and Bunkyo Women's College under the guidance of Setsuko Watanabe and with the assistance of the NTT Multimedia Development Section.