Japanese Page

In addition to anpan, which I have introduced here, there are still many other kinds of bread which originated in Japan.

Jam pan
(bread roll with strawberry jam filling)

Uguisu pan
(bread roll with green pea jam filling)

Cream pan
(bread roll with cream filling)

Curry pan
(fried bread with curry filling)

Koppe pan
(French roll)

Melon pan
(sweet bread roll)

An donut
(fried anpan)

(bread roll with chocolate cream filling)

Croquette pan
(bread roll with croquette filling)

Yakisoba pan
(bread roll with fried noodle and red ginger filling)

Katsu sandwich
(bread roll sandwich with pork cutlet filling)

(sweet cake bread roll)

I was surprised to find that there are so many types of bread available! I hadn't even imagined some of them.
What kind of bread do you like?