Setsuko Watanabe's
World Sketches


o Trip to Cyber Space

o Editor's Profile

o Walks of New Zealand - Milford Track

1. Crossing the Mackinnon Pass in the Early Autumn Rain

2. Clinton Ravine - Bursting with Flowers in the Early Summer

o New York Christmas and Former U.S. President Nixon

o The Mysterious Town of Volterra and Evening Shadow (Tuscany)

o Moonlit Night on the White Beach of Haeundae Coast (The Republic of Korea)

o Native Land - Japan

1. Early Fall in the Tashiroyama Swamp of Minami Aizu

2. Buckwheat Flowers and Heavenly Blue

o Silk Road

1. The Scorching Gobi Desert and the Tamarix

2. Turfan's Karez

o Inner Mongolian Plain

1. Forget-me-nots

2.The Morin Khuur and Suho's White Horse

o Norway - A Country of Forests, Fjords, and Lakes

1. Apple blossoms at Hardangerfjord

2. Picture Book Travels: Bergen and the Grieg Home

o The Fragrance of Lilacs in Budapest and the Great Hungarian Plain

1. Gypsy (Cigany) Music in Budapest

2. The Great Hungarian Plain and the Chernobyl Nuclear Reactor Accident

o Mimosa, Citron and Cote d'Azur in Spring

o Japan Thru Young Eyes

o Japan Thru Young Eyes (Japanese)