The Second Button of School Uniform

On the day of graduation, if you can get the second button from the school uniform of a boy that you like, he will love you.

Dreaming of a Boy that You Like
If you dream of a boy that you like, maybe he also likes you.
(You dream of him because you like him. And of course, you hope that he likes you.)

St.Valentaine's Day
In Japan, on St. Valentain's Day, if you give chocolates to a girl, you will not have a sweetheart for the rest of the year.

If you put a picture of a boy that you like under your pillow, you will dream about him.

Broken Heart
If you use someone else's comb. you will lose your sweetheart.

Eraser Charm
First, you take off the cover of a new eraser. Next, write the name of the boy that you like on the bottom of the eraser. Then put the cover
back on again. If you can use up this eraser
without anyone finding out the boy's name you wrote, he will love you.

Another Eraser Charm
Write your favorite person's name 100 times on a piece of paper, and then rub it out with an eraser. Keep the tiny little crumbs of the eraser, and you will find love.

To Become Beautiful
Put a wash basin of water in a place where it will be in the moonlight for one night, The next morning wash your face with this water. And you become more beautiful.

Your Wish Will Come True

Koala's March
This is the name of a very popular chocolate candy in Japan. Koala's picture is printed on them. If you can find a picture of Koala that has eyebrows, you will be happy.

Nail of the Little Finger
Let the nails of the little fingers grow to 7mm. Then cut your nail while thinking your wish and your wish will come true. But you can not tell anyone your wish.

A Shooting Star
While a shooting star is in the sky, if you can say your wish 3 times, your wish will come true.

Car License Plates
If you seem
Yellow license plate : Good!!
White license plate : Normal!
Green license plate : Bad


The Serial Number of Your Exam
When you take the entrance exam, if the serial number of your exam(ination) can be divided by three, you will do well.
(But of course, this is not true. To do well on an exam, you must study very hard.)

To Get a Good Score in an Exam
At the exam hold in your thumbs before the test paper is distributed and tap the desk 5 times.
(This means that your thumbs are folded in but your fingers are outstretched. So you tap all eight fingers.)


To Save Money
Put anything yellow in the west side of your room, then you will save money.
(Color yellow symbolizes gold and wealth.)


To Find Something You have Lost
While looking for something you have lost, wind some thread around a pair of scissors.

To Get Up on Time in the Morning
Hit your pillow the same number of times as the hour you wish to get up. For example, 6 times for 6 AM in the morning. You can throw away our alarm clock.