If you write a letter with
(1) Green pen : Love letter
(2) Blue pen : Best friend
(3) Red pen : Break off
So they say...

If you sneeze
(1) Once : Others will say bad about you
(2) Twice : Others will say good about you
(3) Three times : You catch a cold
So they say...

If the pimple is
(1) On the forehead : you will love
(2) On the jaw : you will be loved
(3) On the left cheek : you will be rejected
(4) On the right cheek : you will reject
So they say...

To give someone a necktie as a gift means '
Kubittake', 'I am crazy about you'. Because we have a necktie around our neck. 'Neck' is 'Kubi'in Japanese. It's a Japanese joke!? So, when you give a necktie as a present, be careful!!
kubittake = up to the neck; complete devotion.

You must not give a comb to another person. Because 'Comb' is '
Kushi' in Japanese. We think 'Ku' of 'Kushi' is 'Kurushii'. This means 'Painful' 'Shi' of 'Kushi' is 'Shinu' This means 'die'. So it is said that you must not give a comb to another person.