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We wanted to study about The Seven Deities Of Good Fortune, because we didn't know very much about them, and we also wanted to introduce them to foreigners in Japan. We visited The Seven Deities Of Good Fortune in Yanaka from Bentendo to Toukakuji on October 18, a clear day. It took us three hours to visit the seven gods and the goddess. We thought they would be big statues, but they were much smaller than we expected. The Seven Deities Of Good Fortune can be seen from New Year's Day to the third Sunday in January. If you visit in that period, you can use a commemorative stamp at every temple.
It is believed that if you collect a complete set of seven stamps, you will become happy. As it wasn't the New Year's Season, we could see only two statues of The Seven Deities Of Good Fortune. So it's probably best to visit them in the New Year's Season. At the end of the tour, we really believed that if we could see all seven, we would be lucky. Since the temples and shrines don't exhibit the statues to the public all the time, the best time to visit them is in the first three weeks of the New Year.

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