The Tsukuba circuit has two kinds of races.

  1. Races for specially designed racing motorcycles (80cc, 125cc and 250cc).
  2. Races for ordinary motorcycles.

In addition, races are also classified based on the type of motorcycle, the model year, the performance ability and the engine type.

For example: 4-stroke single cylinder engines 126cc to 250cc; or 4-stroke single cylinder engines over 251cc; 4-stroke two cylinder engines over 400cc.

To enter the NS2 class race, I bought a motorcycle from my friend. It was a Yamaha SRX250, which I got for 50,000 yen.

Generally, you can buy a motorcycle at a shop, from a newspaper ad or you may find some on the bulletin board of the Tsukuba circuit. It is not possible to race with those bikes without making some changes. Even
those shown on Tsukuba's bulletin board will have to be modified.

Here is how I altered my motorcycle.

Security parts taken off 0 yen
( to prevent engine oil leaking )
2,000 yen
Number plate 2,500 yen
Catch tank 2,000 yen
Tires 15,000 yen
Brake pads 6,000 yen
In addition, we bought the following equipment, which is necessary for competing in the circuit.
Racing suit 55,000 yen
Helmet 33,000 yen
Gloves 15,000 yen
Boots 30,000 yen
It's possible to buy these cheaper but for safety you should buy the best.