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one washed milk carton

paper-making kit

board(for drying)





1. Wash the milk carton, and tear into pieces.
Be careful not to tear the milk carton into too small pieces as this will make it difficult to remove the plastic covering.

2. Boil the milk carton pieces for 15-20 minutes.
3. After the pieces have cooled, remove the plastic covering them.
4. Immerse paper in cold water and mix it in the mixer.
5. Place the mixture into the vat.
6. Use the paper-making kit to make paper.
7. After that, remove the paper from the vat and gently place it on the drying board. Next, pat it with the towel to remove excess water. Be careful that airbubbles do not form in the paper.
8. Remove the paper from the board and dry it.