We can easily obtain real estate ads because various estate agents often send real estate ads to us. This is an example of a real estate ad.

  1. Monthly Rent (yachin)
  2. Corridor (kyouyou no rouka)
  3. Washroom (senmenjyo)
  4. Toilet (benjo)
  5. Foyer (genkan)
  6. Closet (oshiire)
  7. Japanese-style Room (washitsu)
  8. Western-style Room (youshitsu)
  9. Living and Dining Room (ima-ken-shokujishitsu)
  10. Balcony 
  11. Kitchen (daidokoro)
  12. Bath and Shower (yokushitsu)
  13. Hallway 

(keiyakusho) means a contract.
(jitsuin) means a registered seals we use for stamping important documents.
(inkanshoumei) means a certificate with one's seal impression.

<Japanese Terms>
Japanese Pronunciation Meaning
  "Senmenjo"   Washroom
  "Yokushitsu   Bathroom
  "Genkan"   Foyer
  "Benjo"   Toilet
  "Oshiire"   Closet
  "Washitsu"   Japanese-style room
  "Jou"   "tatami" mat (unit of measure)
  "Youshitsu"   Western-style room
  "Tsubo"   Unit of measure for land
  One "Tsubo" is 3.3u
  "Tochi"   Land
  "Shikichi"   Lot area
  "Tatetsubo"   Building area

When you buy a house, you should take the following points into consideration.

  1. Please check whether the house faces south or not.(minamimuki)

  2. Is the house situated near public facilities?(koukyshisetsu ), such as the police station(keisatsusho), fire station(shbousho), and post office(ybinkyoku).
    Is the house situated near educational institutions?(kyikushisetsu)
    Is the house situated near medical facilities, such as dentists(haisha), physicians(naikai), and surgeons(gekai).
    It is important to consider both the house itself and the environment around the house.

Shintaro Koga
Kanda University of International Studies
from (Let's Enjoy Living In Japan),1996