‡@ Dial 119 (Emergency Service)

You can call an ambulance anytime and anywhere by simply dialing 119. Ambulances operate free of charges but medical expenses are to be charged. This service is to transports injured or sick persons who need immediate treatment to the nearest and the most suitable hospital.
Please use the service only in emergencies.

‡A How to call an ambulance from a public phone

No coins nor telephone cards are needed to make an emergency call from any public phones which has a free emergency call button, except for red and pink phones which operate only with 10-yen coins.
Pick up the receiver, press the red emergency call button and dial 119.
There is also a new type public phone with no emergency call button which operates by just dialing 119 directly.

‡B Reporting your situation

When you call 119, tell the following items to the person on the phone. Speak calmly and clearly.

(1) Tell whether you want a fire engine or an ambulance.
119 operates both fire engines and ambulances. Tell the person that you need an ambulance (kyukyu-sha).

(2) Give the condition and number of the patient.
If you speak Japanese, report briefly the condition of the patient as well as how he/she fell ill or got injured. Also tell the number of the patients in case there are more than one.

(3) Explain the location and give your name .
Tell the person on the line the address, telephone number of the place where the patient is or the accident has happened, and your name. Report some objects which mark the location where the patient is.

‡C What you should do while waiting for the ambulance

Find a Japanese-speaking person and ask him/her to accompany the patient to hospital. Also, prepare the patient's passport, Alien Registration Card, (Gaikokujin toroku shomei-sho), some cash and the patient's National Insurance Card (hokensho) if the patient has one.

‡DWhat you should do when you hear the ambulance's siren

When you hear the ambulance's siren, send someone out to meet it.