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Try to use chopsticks when in Japan!
(When in Rome, do as the Romans do.)

Chopsticks are difficult to use at first, but they are a very special part of Japanese culture. Now that you have plenty of opportunities to use chopsticks, why not try to use them and enjoy eating Japanese food. This page explains how to use chopsticks. It is much more important for you to try using chopsticks than to worry too much about what you should not do. Practice makes perfect. You might enjoy eating Japanese food even more if you use chopsticks.


Take the middle of both chopsticks with your right hand and hold them in front of your chest.


Support the chopsticks with your left hand from below.


Slide your right hand to the right. Then, hold the chopsticks with your right hand from below.

Slide your right hand to the left and stop in the middle wherever it feels comfortable for you.


Remove your left hand.