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I walked in Ueno Park for a day. There were so many things to see that I began to feel that there was no way I could visit every place. In the national museums, there are a lot of treasures and exhibits. So I couldn't look around all of them in one or two hours and Ueno Zoo is too huge to see in such a short time.

There are many more museums than I have covered in this document. (Plus their prices are very reasonable!)
I now feel that Ueno Park is a special place.

Makiko Kashimura
Chinese Department
Kanda University of International Studies

ken Shellberg (Columbus,Ohio), who works as an administrator in an American university, gave advice about the English and contents of this article on a volunteer basis.

I'm especially curious about Japan, perhaps because I spent several years there when I was about six years old. I think that the 'Japan Thru Young Eyes' site is one of the more interesting and useful web sites on Japan that I have found. I enjoyed the opportunity to participate in the development of the essay on Ueno Park by reading an early draft written by Makiko Kashimura and providing suggestions and comments. I hope the student found my feedback useful.