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Pre-reading Questions
1. What country is Budapest in?
2.What river runs through the city?

Beautiful Blue Danube 「美しき青きドナウ」というヨハンシュトラウス作曲のワルツ名
Liszt,Franz 1811-86 ドイツ生まれのピアニストで作曲家
Brahms ,Johaness 1833-97 ハンブルグ生まれの作曲家
Sarasate, Pableo de 1844-1908 スペインのバイオリニスト。チゴイネルワイゼンを作曲
Bartok,Bela 1881-1945  ハンガリーの作曲家 民俗音楽を編集
Kodaly, Zoltan 1882- 1967ハンガリーの作曲家 民俗音楽を編集
Mongolians ジンギスカン率いる蒙古族 1214にブダペストを焼き付くす
Turks オットマントルコ(1300-1918) 16世紀にハンガリー征服 虐殺
Hapsburgs ハプスブルグ オーストリアハンガリー帝国を支配した一族(1278-1918) トルコをハンガリーから追い出し、替わって制圧 

Part 1: True or False
1. Budapest were two separate towns 1000 years ago.
2. There are eight bridges connecting the west bank and the east bank.
3. The great composer Dvorak is Hungarian.
4. The river Rhine runs through Budapest.
5. A quarter of the population of Hungary is in Budapest.

Part2: Multiple Choice
1. Buda is built on
a. low land t b. hills c both low land andhills
2. Hungarian Rhapsodies were composed by:
a. Beethoven b. Schubert c.Liszt
3. Budapest is called:
a. the Paris of Hungarian Plain b. the Pearl of the Danube c. the Queen of the Rhine
4. Gypsies are considered to be from :
a.Northern Africa b. South America c. Northern Asia
5._____collected and recorded old Hungarian folk melodies and integrated them into their own music.

a. Bartok and List  b Brahms and Kodaly c. Bartok and Kodaly

1. What makes Budapest so attractive ?
2. What similarities do Hungarians and Japanese have?

Part4: Special Focus: Music
Match the following:
1. Hungarian Rhapsodies 2. Hungarian Dance Music 3. Zigeunerweisen 4. Air on the G string 5. From the New World 6. Yesterday 7.percussion instruments 8, stringed instruments 9. wind instrument s 10.keyboard instruments

a.Dvorak b.List c. Bach d.Sarasate e. Beatles f.Brahms
g. a cello h. a piano i. a flute j. a drum

Part5: Trivia Quiz. Challenge your knowledge!
1. Official language of Hungary is
a. Russian b. Hungarian c. Polish d. Slovak
2. Currency of Hungary is
a. Sterling b. Forint c. Zloty d. Kurona
3. The biggest fresh-water lake in Europe is___in Hungary.
a. Lake Como b Lake Balaton c. Lake Teanau d. Lake Ontario
4. Hyngary(93,030square kms) is _____Japan.
a. two times bigger than b. one quarter of c. a fifth of d. one half of
5. The River Danube empties into:
a. Pacific Ocean b. North Sea c. Black Sea d. Indian Ocean
6. the population of Budapest is
a. about 1 0 million b. over 2 million c over 5 million

Pre-reading questions
1. Hungary
2. the Danube

part 1.
1t, 2t, 3f, 4f, 5f



1b,2b,3b,4b,5c, 6b

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