Ken Shellberg is an administrator at The Ohio State University, in Columbus, Ohio. For fun, he tends a very large garden and occasionally takes on the role of visiting consultant for Japan Thru Young Eyes and More!Japan Thru Young Eyes.

Ken's comments:
"As I proofread essays for Japan Thru Young Eyes and More!Japan Thru Young Eyes, my goal is to try to preserve as many of the students' original words as I can. I try to change only what is necessary to make their writing clear and understandable. I believe that if I change too much, the students will no longer recognizethese essays as their work.

Therefore, I do not change every phrase into "perfect" English as might be produced by a professional proofreader. It is important to me that the writing is clear and the grammar is correct. It is not important that the style of the writing is that of a native English speaker.

Some of you have asked if I would answer your proofreading questions. I hope you understand that I cannot provide answers in a personal and privateway to each and every person who might ask. But, I am willing to try to answer questions in a public question and answer section here on SHEJapan.

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