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私が原爆ドームを選んだ理由は私が広島出身であることと爆撃を受けたまま残された負の遺産であるということが理由です。1996年に世界遺産に登録されましたが、そこまでたどり着くのに原爆を落とした国であるアメリカや中国が反対したりと様々なことがありましたが、もう二度と悲劇を繰り返さないための願いをこめて今現在も大切に残されています。経済学部 升原 啓佑

Hiroshima peace memorial

Inscribed :1996

Brief description:
In December 1996 at UNESCO's 20th World Heritage Committee Convention in Merida, the Atomic Bomb Dome was listed as a World Heritage site being a building that communicates the total devastation caused by nuclear weapons..

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The Atomic Bomb Dome was constructed in 1915 as a facility for the display and sale of commercial products within Hiroshima prefecture and was the location for the Hiroshima prefecture art exhibition and other such events. When it was established, it was called that "Hiroshima prefecture Industrial Products Display Hall". Following that it was renamed the "Hiroshima Prefectural Commercial Products Exhibition Hall" and finally in 1933 was named the "Hiroshima Prefectural Industrial Promotion Hall."


   The designer, Mr. Jan Letzel a Czechoslovakian architect, used a brick construction partially reinforced with a steel frame with the exterior walls being made of stones and mortar. This was a modern building, the main body being three stories with a five-story stairwell capped with an oval shaped copper dome located in the center of the entrance hall. At that time such a grand European style building was extremely rare and the contrast of this modern beauty with the river surface led it to be counted as one of Hiroshima's major sites.

1945, August 6, 8:15 a.m. The first atomic bomb used in the history of mankind exploded approximately at a height of 580 meters, 160 meters southeast of the Hiroshima Prefectural Commercial Products Exhibition Hall. The force of this terrible blast was 35 tons per square meter with a blast speed of 440 meters. The atomic blast and heat wave washed over the Dome setting its roof ablaze and completely gutting the building. As the blast wave traveled in a nearly vertical direction while the center of the main building was miraculously spared from destruction, all the people within the building died instantly. The metal frame of the Dome, which was laid bare, formed the ruins that over time came to be called the "Atomic Dome" by the local residents.

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Hiroshima prefecture Industrial Products Display Hall

Hiroshima Prefectural Commercial Products Exhibition Hall

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Hiroshima Prefectural Industrial Promotion Hall

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