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私が今回ピサのドゥオモ広場 Piazza del Duomo, pisaを題材に選んだのは今年の3月にイタリアに行き実物を見てきたからです。小学生のころの国語の教科書にイタリア人が天まで届く塔を作ろうとしたのが始まりであったと書いてあったのを思い出しました。天まで届く塔というのは実際には現在の高層ビルと比べてしまうと遥かに低くどこか哀愁すら感じました。しかしそれはイタリア人たちの深く熱い思いからくるものだと今回学び感じることができました。そして、何より英語の授業を通してホームページを作るうえでの基礎知識を身につけることができてとても為になりました。ヨーロッパには他にも様々美しい建造物がありますが、いつかはそれらを自分の目で見てみたいと思いました


Pre-reading Questions:
1. What country is Pisa in?
2. What ocean is Italy facing?

Piazza del Duomo,Pisa

Inscribed :1979 Criteria: C (iii)

Brief description:
Standing in a large green expanse, Piazza del Duomo houses a group of monuments known the world over. These four masterpieces of medieval architecture ? the cathedral, the baptistry, the campanile (the 'Leaning Tower') and the cemetery ? had a great influence on monumental art in Italy from the 11th to the 14th century. Events Sep 24, 1997 - Jun 30, 1998 Bikeabout To Launch Circum-Mediterranean Tour Of World Heritage Sites Links Rete Civica Pisana Pisa in Virtual Reality United Nations - Copyright c 1992-2007 UNESCO World Heritage Centre, All Rights Reserved | Terms / Policies | v3.0, Updated 17 Dec 2007
Piazza del DUomo (Bryggen Foundation)

Reading Passage (History)
The Tower of Pisa is one of the most fascinating and worldwide-known Italian monuments, admired for the exceptional elegance of its architectural structure, as well as for the extraordinary inclination. Founded in 1173 as steeple annexed to the Dome (started in 1064 by the architect Buscheto) and to the Baptistery (started in 1152 by the architect Deotisalvi) in "Piazza dei Miracoli" (Miracles Square), the "leaning tower" is commonly attributed to Bonanno. During some excavations carried out in the 19th century in the foundations of the steeple an urn was found having this name, which was thought to refer to the tower's builder. Scholars proposed to identify the Bonanno mentioned on the urn with the famous sculptor from Pisa who made the bronze gates of Pisa's Dome (where the gate of the facade, of 1179, went lost, while the other one, the so-called "Gate of S. Ranieri", is still preserved and can be seen outside the southern transept) and the gate of Monreale's Cathedral (dated 1185). However, after only 12 years (1185) there were the first signs of subsidence of the ground, which caused the tower's inclination and led to the interruption of works in the middle of the third floor. The construction was restarted only in 1275 by Giovanni di Simone and finished in the second half of the 14th century. Together with the Baptistery, the steeple tower is one of the first monuments in which the great novelty of the architectural language used in the neighboring Dome is assimilated and proposed after some years. With its circular plan, it shows again the theme of small loggias with arches on columns, which will become one of the most successful themes in the Romanic period in Pisa. In the first order at the foot there is the theme of blank arches on semi-columns framing lozenges, that is taken from the Dome. On the top it ends with the cylindrical steeple cell with a lower diameter than the central part of the tower. Above the entrance door there was a sculpture of the Maria with Child, ascribed to Andrea Guardi and now preserved at the Dome's Opera Museum. In the last years the Tower of Pisa has undergone some balancing interventions that have allowed to reduce its inclination: the subsidence of the ground also involves other monuments in Pisa, as for example the steeples of the churches of St. Michele degli Scalzi and St. Nicola.

Tips etc. 英語の授業を通してパソコンの操作方法まで覚えられ、更にはネット上での的確な文章を探しだし、その文章を熟読したうえで問題の作成に取り掛かるというのは英語の上達にとても役立つと感じました。





















































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