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Published by Nan'Un-Do



by Setsuko Watanabe

with David Ellis/William Steinmann /John Wiltshier/David Biasotti/Lorne Spry/Scott Dalgleish

We sell a tape recorded by the authors David Ellis and William Steinmann. The tape is very popula because the recording voices are powerful, clear and

Web-Watching the World has the following unique

・This book was originally written for university age
students, but it is useful for any person who is
interested in the world and in English.
・It was planned and compiled in cyberspace.
Setsuko Watanabe, author of Setsuko Watanabe's World Sketches and Japan Thru Young Eyes, had the original idea and asked David Ellis and five other writers to cowrite the book together on the internet via e-mail.
・The authors come from New York, Atlanta, San
Francisco, Vancouver, Cheshire, England and Tokyo.
They wrote about their home countries and their
favorite places from their world travels, so the
essays are both lively and informative.
・Quizzes were made by the author of each chapter.
The quizzes are informative and resourceful, so
students will naturally acquire English as well as
knowledge of the world.

One interactive feature of this book is that you
can send feedback on your readings by writing directly
to the authors (e-mail addresses are provided on the
last page of the book).