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Okonomiyaki is pancakes made from flour batter and your favorite mixings (shrimp, ginger, cabbage and so on). It is grilled on an iron hotplate.

Yaki-tomorokoshi:Yakitomorokoshi is corn on the cob grilled with soy sauce.


Choco-banana is a banana dipped in chocolate.

Ringo-ame:Ringoame is a candy-coated apple.


Omen are masks made of plastic. Most of them are cartoon character faces.

There are various street stalls selling crepes, potted plants, clothes and so on. In summer, there are also street stalls that sell shaved ice and fishing for goldfish.
*The pictures shown in this site were taken at Ennichi in Monzennakacho.This Ennichi is held on the 1st, 15th and 28th of every month.