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Yuki Onna (Snow Woman; yuki means snow and onna means woman.)
On nights when it is snowing, Yuki Onna appears on the road wearing a kimono and asks you to hold her baby. Her breath is as cold as ice. If you hold her baby your whole body will be frozen by her breath. She often visits mountain huts enticing men (to come outside), and takes away their souls.

Yama Uba (Old Woman in the Mountains: yama means mountain and uba means an old woman.)
There is a frightening ghost in the mountains . It is that of an old woman who has piercing eyes, a huge mouth that stretches to her ears and her white hair is very long. If you happen to lose your way in the mountains, you may meet her. She will invite you to her home and treat you to dinner. But be careful! After you've gone to sleep, she will begin to sharpen an ax and begin making preparations to kill you. It is because of this that she is feared by villagers.