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Even now, there are rumors and folktales about Tengu, a ghost who lives in the mountains. Tengu has a red face, long nose and looks like a wandering Buddhist monk, wearing high geta (Japanese wooden clogs). In his hand he holds a fan made of feathers, and with the wings on his back, he is able to fly freely through the sky. Late at night you may think that you hear somebody chopping at a tree with an ax in the far-off mountains and shortly thereafter you hear it falling down. But the next morning, when you look, there is nothing there.
In addition to this, there are other stories such as Tenguyurashi, which tells of mountain huts shaking in the middle of the night, and Tenguwarai, which tells of people hearing sudden loud laughter during the night.

In the mountains, there are trees where Tengu live. These trees are called Tengu no tomarigi and we must not cut them down.
Tengu's treasures ----- a magic cloak, a sedge hat, a small mallet
Other names for Tengu -----Guhin, Yamabito, Yamanokami

Special Features of Tengu

@ Red face
A Wings
B Hakama (pleated skirt-like Japanese garment)
C Haneuchiwa (fan made of wings)