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@An old lady named Haru(75) showed us how to make homemade konnyaku. She still makes homemade konnyaku every year, which is very rare these days. She sends the konnyaku to her sisters and brothers who live far away, which gives her a chance to communicate with them. Haru lives with her son's family. Her sisters and brothers usually do not keep in touch with her, but they call her when they receive the konnyaku.
@Haru worked quickly with her bare hands. However, konnyaku is an abrasive plant, so working without gloves is usually painful. "I always do this work, so my hands have become strong", she said and showed me her hands. I could feel the history in her hands.
@Haru prepared boiled konnyaku seasoned with soy sauce, sugar and dashi-jiru. It was delicious! She usually does not measure the ingredients because of her experience. However, she taught us a recipe for beginners.

Ingredients for Homemade Konnyaku

baking soda5`7.5g

‡@ Wash the konnayku-potato and cut off the eye and "kigo".

‡A Grate the konnyaku-potato into a pot of tepid water.

‡B Put ‡Aon to the stove and boil it, stirring continually until it becomes sticky.

‡C Turn off the flame. While checking the consistency, mix baking soda into ‡B.
At this time the color of the konnyaku will change to grey.

‡D Put ‡Cinto a mold and let it set.@@@@@@@

‡E Pour hot water on ‡D, cut it and shake it lightly to form it.

‡F Remove ‡Efrom the mold and drop it into boiling water. Boil it for about 30-60 minute.

‡G When the pieces of konnyaku rise to the surface, take them out.

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