Competitors launch from a specially built 10 meter high x 10 meter wide x 10 meter long platform erected on the lake shore. This year, we are participating in the glider division. Each year, more planes crash than achieve a successful flight, so it is reasonable to ask, "Why do you do it. ?" Well, it's a bit like asking people why they climb mountains. The answer being because it's a challenge and it's fun - even though it takes all year to design, build and test a plane which may (and often does) crash on it's first competitive flight. And of course there's always the sheer magical thrill of the feeling of flying like a bird. Some things never change.

(C) Setsuko Watanbe 2000

In the picture, the plane is on the slope of the platform waiting for our turn. Needless to say, launching from a 10 meter high platform
takes a lot courage, although we have the proper equipment and have confidence in our wonderful plane, on which we have spent so much energy ,time and money.