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When I started university last April, I began living on my own. My apartment is in a two-story, sixteen-unit building which is about a fifteen-minute bicycle ride from the university. It's a so-called one room apartment with one room, as well as a bathroom, toilet, and a small kitchen. It's on the southwest corner of the second floor of the building, and has a small balcony facing south and a window which faces west, so the apartment is sunny.

The rent is \53,000 per month, and I pay an extra \2,000 per month in maintenance fees. The overall area of my apartment is 19.87 square meters i208.7 square feet).

This may seem small, but I feel very comfortable here. The kitchen is small too, with a width of 1.5 meters i4.9feetj and only one stove burner.

Sometimes I feel confined, but I enjoy cooking here. After a year of living on my own, I decided to keep a household expense book.

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