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1. How long does Canadian Rocky stretch?
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Canadian Rocky Mountain Parks,Canada

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Brief description:
The contiguous national parks of Banff, Jasper, Kootenay and Yoho, as well as the Mount Robson, Mount Assiniboine and Hamber provincial parks, studded with mountain peaks, glaciers, lakes, waterfalls, canyons and limestone caves, form a striking mountain landscape. The Burgess Shale fossil site, well known for its fossil remains of soft-bodied marine animals, is also found there.
Canadian Rocky Mountain Parks (World Heritage)

Reading Passage

The Rocky Mountains of western North America stretch more than 3,000 miles (4,828km) from Mexico, through the United States and into Canada and Alaska. Dividing the Canadian provinces of British Columbia and Alberta, the peaks of the Canadian Rockies tower over the plains rising to 11,975ft (3,650m). The alpine towns sprinkled along the Rockies on the Alberta side are an unspoiled mountain playground where each season has its own unique beauty and selection of activities. National parks abound in this area, offering the chance for mountain adventures and recreation. Canada’s largest National Park, Wood Buffalo National Park, is larger than Switzerland.

(1)The towns in the area, like Banff and Jasper, offer a vast number of tourist attractions to entertain and entrance visitors all year round to complement the natural attractions.


The town of Banff is situated inside the spectacular and unspoilt Banff National Park, Canada's first national park and most popular tourist attraction, about an hour and a half's drive west of Calgary. The surrounding national park offers 2,564 square miles (6,641 sq km) of unparalleled mountain scenery in the heart of the Canadian Rockies, including glaciers, ice fields, jagged peaks, crystal clear lakes and raging rivers.

(2)Attractions in the town itself include the Banff Park Museum, on Buffalo Street, which is the oldest natural history museum in western Canada and features a fantastic assortment of wildlife specimens, minerals and other artefacts.
A short way away is the Whyte Museum of the Canadian Rockies dedicated to the rich cultural history of the area, with four art galleries, a heritage gallery and a research library. The Cave and Basin National Historic Site, in Cave Avenue, tells the story of the discovery of the hot springs that led to the establishment of Canada's first national reserve in 1885. Visitors can also take a gondola ride to the top of Sulphur Mountain to enjoy the spectacular views from the observation deck at the top, or soak in hot mineral waters at the Upper Hot Springs in Mountain Avenue. Winter is low season in Banff National Park, but skiers and snowboarders who brave the low temperatures are delighted with what they find. The slopes have something for everyone, from steep couloirs to gentle cruising and the snow is some of the coldest, driest and most reliable you'll find anywhere in the world, and there's a lot of it, particularly in the Sunshine Village ski area. Visitors are also impressed by the staggering scenery and mountain wildlife, as well as the welcoming locals and excellent value. Lake Louise is the most extensive and best known ski resort in the Banff region - see our seperate Lake Louise ski resort guide.


(3)Affectionately known as the “little town in the big park”, Jasper lies in the middle of Canada’s largest mountain park, the Jasper National Park, and makes a delightful base from which to explore the lakes and mountains.
The town is 233 miles (373km) from Edmonton and lies among pristine wilderness, surrounded by a necklace of green lakes and majestic waterfalls.Besides exploring the surrounding premiere national park there are one or two attractions in the town itself.These include the Jasper-Yellowhead Historical Society Museum featuring displays that deal with the early explorers in the region; the 165ft (55m) deep Maligne River Canyon; the longest and highest reversible tramway in Canada that transports passengers up Whistlers Mountain; and the Den Wildlife Museum that houses more than 100 specimens in their natural habitat

Columbia Icefields

This massive field of ancient ice, made up of three glaciers, is situated near the town of Jasper in the middle of Jasper National Park. The icefield covers 125 square miles (325 sq km) and in places is estimated to be 1,270ft (385m) deep.

(4)The icefield feeds four of north America’s major river systems, the Columbia, Fraser, Mackenzie and Saskatchewan and its meltwaters flow into three different oceans, the Pacific, Arctic and Atlantic.
Tours of the glacier are offered on sno-coaches between April and October each year. Ice-walk tours are also offered by the Jasper Adventure Centre.

Lake Louise

Canada's largest ski area covers the slopes of four mountain faces that surround the village of Lake Louise, in the heart of the magnificent Banff National Park, right on the Trans-Canada Highway 35 miles (57km) west of Banff itself. With plentiful natural snow and an extensive snowmaking system, skiing is guaranteed at Lake Louise from mid-November to mid-May, and it has the reputation of offering the best powder skiing in the world. The pretty village nestling in the Rockies provides every amenity required by visitors, and a wide choice of cosy accommodation and dining options. Shuttle buses and an efficient system of interconnecting lifts provide easy access to the slopes.

(5) Put all this together with the spectacular scenery and pristine terrain, and it is not surprising that Lake Louise has been dubbed the "diamond in the wilderness".

Tips etc.
(昭文社『トラベルストーリー バンクーバー カナディアン・ロッキー』より)
@氷河ハイウェイ(レイク・ルーズ〜ジャスパー)                            Aバンフ:ダウンタウン、サルファ山周辺                            Bレイク・ルイーズ:ルイーズ湖周辺、レイク・ルイーズ・スキー場、ビレッジ                           
Cジャスパー:ダウンタウン、ウィスラー山、ボベール湖周辺                            Dカルガリー:ダウンタウン、オリンピックパーク、スタンピードパーク、チャイナタウン                           


Upper Hot Springs

Sunshine Village

Maligne River Canyon


Trans-Canada Highway

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