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The sweet potato was introduced to Ryukyu (now called Okinawa), Japan from Fujian, China in 1605. Konyou Aoki introduced sweet potatoes to the Kanto District in 1735, when he tried to grow them for the first time at Koishikawa Farm. He was nicknamed Kansho (sweet potato) Sensei (teacher).

Information about "Satsuma-imo" (Sweet Potatoes)

Scientific name : ipomoea batatas (Latin)
Perennial herb belonging to the Calystegia japonica family.

The name "satsuma-imo" originates from the fact that sweet potatoes were cultivated widely in the Satsuma (Kagoshima) region after they were introduced to Japan in the 17th Century. They are also called kansho, ryukyu-imo, karaimo (Chinese potato), among other names.