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A Japanese soup called ozoni is also eaten with osechi-ryor‚‰. The flavor and ingredients vary depending on where in Japan you are. Here's how to make typical ozoni of the Kanto and Kansai districts.

Kanto District Ozoni

Ingredients (serves four)
4 rectangular rice cakes (kakumochi)
Chicken 200g
Komatsuna 100g
Kamaboko 4 slices
Honeywort (mitsuba) to taste
Citron peel to taste
Salt 1tls
Soy sauce 1tbls
Fish stock 800cc
Sake 1tbls

1. Boil komatsuna (a Japanese vegetable similar to spinach).
2. Boil stock, salt, soy sauce and sake in a pot.
3. Debone chicken and add the meat to the pot.
4. Grill the rice cake.
5. Put the grilled rice cake, kamaboko, chicken, komatsuna and stock into a bowl.
6. Decorate with honeywort and citron peel.

Generally, the main ingredients of the Kanto district's ozoni are stock and rectangular rice cakes, while that of the Kansai district's are shiromiso and round rice cakes.